Effective organisations provide care, support and direction for their staff. Our approach is based on the principle of ensuring equality of access to those who are physically unable to visit their place of work and/or a therapist. We offer a cost effective service which can save you time, money and wastage; and allow you and your people to improve performance.


E-therapy / consultancy is a new and innovative way of working in a range of industries, inclusive of Armed Forces [and Veterans and families], Emergency Services, Health, Public Sector, voluntary and community sectors, etc. It allows staff or clients to benefit from having visual access to a therapist and/or manager who have completed our specialist Facetime Consultancy training programmes.

Facetime Consultancy provides companies with trained and qualified Facetime counsellors and/or supervisors to work with staff and managers. We also provide training workshops for your own therapists/supervisors and managers who can then support your employees or clients as required.

Companies who work with Facetime Consultancy can use our encrypted secure product/platform that guarantees companies and individuals experience safe, confidential, private and secure E-sessions for both parties involved in the session/s. This product has been extensively tested and has only recently been introduced to this market, providing an ethical and safe connection.