What is Facetime Consultancy?

Facetime Consultancy provides, promotes, and offers training, in Supportive Video communications.

We are a specialist E-therapy and E-consultancy company that provides:

  • Training to companies, organisations, counsellors, supervisors and managers to support them to work online, safely and ethically, with their clients, and staff
  • Access to a unique resource of fully qualified and experienced counsellors who are Facetime trained in the distinctive needs and requirements of providing effective online counselling.

We specifically provide training and counsellors trained, in the Facetime Consultancy model.

We work with a range of companies using E-therapy and/or E- consultancy for their staff, with difficulties ranging from stress related issues in staff to HR Management and Work Force Development. Our unique E-therapy / E-consultancy approach means we are able to offer services where your employees / managers are physically unable to visit their home, place of work and/or a therapist.


All our therapists and supervisors are trained within our unique Facetime Consultancy E-therapy based programme and adhere to BACP Ethical Standards. The selection process is rigorous with a minimum Diploma in Counselling qualification and two years post-qualifying experience supported by an interview, performance reviews with specialist CPD and supervision.

This provides companies with the security of knowing that therapists and supervisors are aware of the special considerations relating to E-consultation and/or E-therapy and have a consistent approach to clients/employees.

Individuals completing our specialist Facetime Consultancy training are guaranteed a focused course on E-therapy/consultancy delivered by qualified Senior Therapists with training experience to ensure a robust approach.